Ivar will be leaving calefax

Calefax  |  November 5, 2020

Clarinettist Ivar Berix will be leaving Calefax

During corona we, the five members of Calefax, for once had plenty of time to look back and reflect. Together the five of us have lived through almost 35 incredibly inspiring and successful years. Years full of wonderful projects, collaborations, tours, CD’s. Years that saw an immense repertoire for reed quintet come into being.

Over the years we have each of us gone through different stages of life – a wonderful process, opening new chapters for each of us. We have changed, we have grown, sometimes we have taken different paths.

And thanks to the leisure that corona brought, some of us wondered: what else could I do besides making music? For Ivar this resulted in the decision to say goodbye to Calefax, after 33 years. Besides playing the clarinet, Ivar will be applying himself to coaching in the fields of listening and of giving meaning to life, and to share his experience in the management side of music.

Calefax of course respects Ivar’s choice, and wishes him much success in this new phase. Calefax will continue as a reed quintet, and in the course of 2021 hopes to announce who is to be Ivar’s successor. Ivar’s last concert with Calefax will be on November 25, 2020, in Amsterdam.