The Roaring Twenties – Calefax & Cora Burggraaf (2014)


A collaboration with mezzo soprano Cora Burggraaf in which music from the Roaring Twenties is recorded.



Jazz, luxury, decadence, individuality, dancing the night away, movies, but also women’s emancipation, new styles of clothing and the still popular bob cut. Born in the USA, the Roaring Twenties slowly found their way to post World War I Europe. On this album Calefax shows how George Gershwin experienced the total chaos in Paris, the musicians dance on the edge with the criminals and prostitutes from Kurt Weill’s Berlin, and of course  Josephine Baker plays a leading role.

GILLESPIE/SIMONS/WHITING               Breezin’ along with the breeze
AARON COPLAND                                       Sentimental Melody
BENJAMIN BRITTEN                                  Cabaret Songs
KURT WEILL                                                  Dreigroschensuite
VINCENT SCOTTO                                       La petite tonkinoise
KURT WEILL                                                  Youkali
GEORGE GERSHWIN                                  An American in Paris
KURT WEILL                                                  Surabaya Johnny

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