Die Kunst der Fuge (2000)

Johann Sebastian Bach’s ultimate masterpiece in an arrangement by Raaf Hekkema.



There’s no piece of music on which Calefax has spent as much time as Die Kunst der Fuge. From 1991 – 2000 they worked on getting to know the music and all its intricacies intimately, which finally resulted in the recording of this CD in 2000.

Contrapunctus I – IV
Canon alla Ottava
Contrapunctus V – VII
Canon alla Duodecima
Contrapunctus VIII – XI
Canon alla Decima
Contrapunctus XII – XIII
Canon per Augmentationem
Fuga a 3 Soggetti
Wenn wir in höchsten Noethen sei

MDG 619 0989-2


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