You have bought a ticket for Hidden Gems live in Rotterdam on 24 May.
The concert location is still secret. Can you guess where it is?
Raise your light here! We give you a new hint every week.
Play along and win a unique prize.

Guessed the location?

Send us your answer and win a unique live concert by Calefax at your home, or win a copy of the album Hidden Gems.
Tip: on the left you can see the number of characters. More letters will be added every week!


Participating in the game is possible until 11 May

– After 10 May all concert locations will be reveiled.
– Entries received before 10 May 23:59 will compete for a prize.
– You can play multiple times by sending in several answers.
– An exclusive living room concert by Calefax (in The Netherlands) will be allotted as the main prize.
– Three Hidden Gems albums will also be allotted for each city.
– The sooner you submit your answer, the greater your chance of winning.
– After 11 May, we will announce the prize winners.
– The results are not open to discussion.

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