600 Years Calefax (2000)


A varied CD with repertoire from 6 centuries, released in 2000 at Calefax’ 15th anniversary concert.



For their 15th anniversary Calefax wanted to illustrate the repertoire of the world’s first-ever reed quintet so the selection of gems on this CD spans six centuries, from Ockeghem to Ter Doest and Koolmees. With 600 Years Calefax, the musicians show their versatility and recognize that instrumentation, arrangeing and (re-)composing is an important factor of the art of making music.

PETER TCHAIKOVSKY                                Overture from The Nutcracker
CLAUDE DEBUSSY                                       La plus que lente. Valse
MARKO TAJČEVIĆ                                        Seven Balkan Dances
TON TER DOEST                                          Mars (March)
BILLY STRAYHORN                                      Lush lif
D. ELLINGTON / B. WEBSTER                 Jump for joy
HANS KOOLMEES                                       Estampie
WILLIAM BYRD                                              Prelude and Ground; Browning
ANONYMUS                                                   La Spagna
JOHANNES OCKEGHEM                           Intemerata dei mater; Mort, tu as navré
FRANCESCO BENDUSI                              La Monina; Su l’herba frescha

MDG 619 1043-2