CalefaXL (2010)


This album features music for 12 different reed instruments, from E flat clarinet to the contrabass clarinet and contraforte.



For their 25th anniversary, Calefax decided to give themselves and their audience a present: repertoire with 140% extra Calefax! From arrangements of symphonic music by Ravel and Strauss to organ music by Bach, to a new original piece by Dutch composer Giel Vleggaar. They play it all!

MAURICE RAVEL                                         La Valse
RICHARD STRAUSS                                   Till Eulenspiegel
J.S. BACH                                                      Passacaglia and Fugue
RICHARD WAGNER                                    Isoldes Liebestod
TON TER DOEST                                         The Fax Process
GIEL VLEGGAAR                                          Pretty Beautiful
STEVE REICH                                                New York Counterpoint

RIOJA Records RR 1101