Libro de Glosas (2009)


A ‘semi live’ CD especially produced for Calefax’s Japan Tour 2009.



Calefax decided to get into the recording studio (actually a beautiful church in Haarlem) and just record lots of material. Most of it ended up on this CD some music has been released through other media. It was the first time Calefax recorded a CD in this ‘semi live’ way.

CLAUDE DEBUSSY                                       Suite Bergamasque
JOSÉ-MARIA SÁNCHEZ-VERDÚ              Libro de Glosas
MAURICE RAVEL                                           Rapsody Espagnole
P.I. TCHAIKOVSKY/D. ELLINGTON          Nutcracker Jazz Suite
PETER SHOTT                                                The Canals of Amsterdam

RIOJA Records RR 1401


Pieter Goemans – Aan de Amsterdamse Grachten (arr. Jelte Althuis)