Debussy, Couperin, Ravel (1995)


Works by Debussy and Ravel are joined on one CD. It includes Ravel’s complete Le tombeau de Couperin, Debussy’s Children’s Corner, and even an arrangement that Ravel himself made of a piece by François Couperin.



Debussy famously suffered from depressions. One of the only things that could keep him dsitracted was his daughter ‘Chouchou’, to whom he dedicated his Children’s Corner. Also Ravel’s composition Le tombeau de Couperin is dedicated to loved ones, although for a less happy reason: each movement is dedicated to one of his friends who had been killed in WWI. This Calefax-CD contains beautiful music with some dark edges.

CLAUDE DEBUSSY                                      Children’s Corner
CLAUDE DEBUSSY                                      Six Épigraphes antiques
F. COUPERIN / M. RAVEL                          Forlane
MAURICE RAVEL                                          Le tombeau de Couperin

MDG 619 0658-2