Environmental Policy Calefax

Environmental policy

The core business of Calefax, like any other acoustic music group, is as simple as sustainable: inspiring listeners by bringing air into vibration. Still at Calefax we are aware of the environmental impact of our work, especially our tours. In order to minimize this impact we have defined this Environmental Policy which will be updated regularly after having new insights or receiving constructive feedback.

General thoughts

We will act in two ways:

  • by minimizing our environmental impact (notably greenhouse gas emissions)
  • by offsetting where minimizing is not an option. This mainly applies to how we travel.

While we know that the biggest positive impact on our Footprint would simply be to stop touring, we don’t think that is the solution. That would mean refraining from our passion and profession, which is mesmerizing an audience by bringing music to life in an intimate setting – a practice that peacefully unites so many people. But then, what can we do to make our profession ‘as sustainable as possible’?  Roughly 80% of Calefax’s total footprint is caused by flights, so that is our focus. This means organizing our tours as tight and productive as possible while offsetting substantially for unavoidable flights. This seems to be our best option for now, especially because any serious innovation in aviation is still far off.

Agreement as of September 2022


– Calefax will choose the train as preferred way of travel within North-Western Europe, where our schedule allows.
– in our Amsterdam office we drink fair trade drinks and support the restaurant to offer vegan food.

In addition, our organization is aware of the many other factors (car/train travel, hotels, printing, housing) that increase our footprint. We will chart these emissions over time and, wherever possible, minimize them.


How we will offset our travel

After long consideration, Calefax supports the idea of aviation fuel being taxed like other fossil fuels and tickets with VAT. We therefore will offset for each flight with the amount of 35% of the ticket price, corresponding to the (currently lacking) taxes.

Where we will offset our travel

The 35% offset will be visible in our budgets as of now (Sept. 2022). At the end of each semester we will decide where this offset will be spent. At the moment we think that spending it on a certified offset programme (for example the projects of Climate Neutral Group) or on Carbon Killer will have the most effect.

We know that we have a long road ahead towards working ‘Climate Neutral’. Thanks for joining us in taking this effort seriously.

The Calefax Team