More Moving Music


Calefax and Jaap Drupsteen

‘More Moving Music’ embodies a longstanding wish held by Calefax: a collaboration with artist and designer Jaap Drupsteen.

For this concert programme, he takes a dive into the sounds of Calefax and in so doing creates images that both support and resonate the music.

Jaap Drupsteen – known amongst other things for his design of the guilder notes, the leaders of the VPRO and the colourful facade of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision – will also adapt the video live to the on-stage performance.


Bryce Dessner Aheym
Raaf Hekkema On Cloud #999
Kevin Volans Calefacción
Willem Jeths Maktub
Erik Satie Danses de Travers
Nicole Lizée Zoetropes