Un Momento Dado

Un Momento Dado

Grand new work by Johan de Meij

Johan de Meij, an international celebrity in the world of the symphonic wind orchestra, is currently one of the most performed Dutch composers. Calefax will perform as soloists in a grand new composition de Meij has written especially for reed quintet and wind orchestra.

Un Momento Dado is an ode to another Dutch phenomenon, the legendary soccer player Johan Cruijff. Cruijff, says De Meij, is known for his virtuosity, creativity, capriciousness and radical innovation. “I also observe these qualities in Calefax, a group that has created an entirely new chamber music genre with its unique instrumental lineup.” De Meij felt inspired to name the piece: ‘Un Momento Dado’, as a reference to a baffling but funny statement Cruijff made at a press conference in his Catalan years. The phrase means ‘at a given moment’, in Catalan Spanish. It wasn’t clear at all what Cruijff meant, but the words ‘Un momento dado’ nevertheless became a Catalan phrase!

We brought the world premiere together with the renowned Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy, led by it’s chief conductor Arjan Tien. This spectacular concert by the pinnacle of Dutch wind music was extra festive because the Marine band celebrated their 75th birthday at the same time.

On April 17th, we streamed the concert of January 10th on Facebook. Watch the stream by clicking here.

Past concerts

Fri 10 Jan 20.30 Un Momento Dado Theaters Tilburg Tilburg / NL
Fri 31 Jan 20.15 Un Momento Dado SPOT/De Oosterpoort Groningen / NL
Fri 17 Apr 20.00 Un Momento Dado Live stream of full concert facebook.com/calefax