Calefax Composers Competition 2018



Calefax invites composers of all ages and nationalities to participate in the 11th annual Composers Competition for Reed Quintet. The winning composition will be announced in the Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam, on December 28, 2018, and will be premiered by the world-renowned Calefax Reed Quintet.

The winning composer will also be awarded a prize of 2.000 EUR. (The jury has the right to appoint more than one winner, and divide the prize accordingly).

International Reed Quintet Network
The prizewinning composition will also be performed by various outstanding reed quintets from all over the world. As of yet, the Atlantic Reed ConsortParadise Winds and Cascadia Reed Quintet have committed themselves to performing the winning composition on stage. Moreover, they will also be selecting their own favorite composition, which will receive a special mention. We will keep the list of participating reed quintets updated.
In order to give all entries to the competition maximum exposure, Calefax will share the compositions with other ensembles of the World Wide Reed Quintet Network.

* Entries for the Calefax Composers Competition 2018 must be received by November 1, 2018.
* Composers of any nationality and age may enter their works
* The length of submitted compositions should not exceed 9 minutes
* Only one work per composer can be submitted
* Entries must be new and original works (no arrangements)
* Compositions have to be feasible by five players on the following instruments:

  1. Oboe or cor anglais or oboe d’amore
  2. Clarinet in B-flat or A
  3. Alto or soprano saxophone
  4. Bass clarinet, basset horn or double bass clarinet
  5. Bassoon

The jury of the Calefax Composers Competition consists of all five members of Calefax. The esteemed Dutch composer Martijn Padding  will function as chairman of the jury. The jury will judge all scores anonymously. All participants will be notified about the results of the competition. The results of the jury are final.

Send your composition both as a score (in C) and as transposed parts in PDF format to Only digital scores can be submitted and submitting a midi-recording of your piece is optional.

Please note that digital scores and parts should not contain the composer’s name, since the scores are to be judged anonymously by the jury!

The deadline for submissions is November 1st, 2018.

Previous winners
Previous winners of the Calefax Composers Competition were Holger de Bruin (2008, The Netherlands) Heleen Verleur (2009, The Netherlands), Jeffrey Harrington (2010, USA/France), José Mora-Jiménez (2011, Costa- Rica/The Netherlands), Didier Marc Garin (2012, France), Corey Dundee (2013, USA), Michael Walsh (2014, United Kingdom), Janco Verduin (2015, The Netherlands), Mithatcan Öcal (2017, Turkey) and Yeonju Kim (2018, Korea) and Yonatan Ron (2018, Israël).