Upcoming new album: An American Rhapsody

An American

New album by Calefax

Our new album An American Rhapsody will be released on 17th March, but from 17th February some tracks will be available for streaming on several platforms. We go on a musical road trip across the United States on An American Rhapsody.

The programme captures several iconic composers from different periods and backgrounds, ranging from a.o. George Gershwin, Samuel Barber and Duke Ellington to Florence Price, Harry Burleigh and Moondog. Taken together, these pieces reflect America’s kaleidoscopic diversity and its rich yet complex culture and history. The album is a declaration of love to a country that we have frequently visited over the last two decades and continues to fascinate.

Since the turn of this century, we have been travelling across the Atlantic with Calefax once a year on tour. Touring in such a large country forges a bond with the population and its culture. We’ve gotten to know the country from the inside out. We’ve had adventures, made friends, and acquired fans. The US is also the country where Calefax has inspired the greatest number of followers: at the time of writing, the US has twenty-eight reed quintets with various activity levels. That’s more than one-third of the reed quintets worldwide.

America — or more precisely, the United States — is always fascinating, both politically and culturally. Given the number of cultures and the country’s complex immigration history, we’re impressed by how all those people, in the two-and-a-half centuries since the country’s founding, have become united. But that’s only more or less the case because, of course, the differences — or contradictions — come to light when you take a closer look. Yet the American flag’s Stars and Stripes seem to connect the people who, through the centuries, have made this their home. This album reflects America’s kaleidoscopic diversity. – Calefax

USA Tour

We will be taking An American Rhapsody on the road this spring! Below are dates for our upcoming
American appearance:
Mar 18 | Peoples’ Symphony Concert, NY
Mar 20 | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Mar 21 | University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
Mar 23 | Frost School of Music University of Miami, FL
Mar 24 | Gusman Concert Hall, Miami, FL
Mar 26 | St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Key West, FL

Learn more at calefax.nl/en/projects/united-states-tour-2023/

Digital pre-releases

From 17th February 2023, the following tracks will be available to stream on Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube Music, and Qobuz:
Track 12 – Price: Sonata in E Minor: II. Andante
Track 15 – Ellington: Satin Doll
From 24th February 2023:
Track 1 – Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue: I.
From 3rd March 2023:
Track 17 – Stevie Wonder: Overjoyed
From 10th March 2023:
Track 19 – Moondog: New Amsterdam

George Gershwin Rhapsody in Blue
Harry Burleigh Southland Sketches
Samuel Barber ExcursionsOp. 20
Florence Price Sonata in E minor
Billie Holiday / Arthur Herzog Jr. / Eric Dolphy / Raaf Hekkema God Bless the Child
Duke Ellington / Billy Strayhorn Satin Doll
Duke Ellington In a Sentimental Mood
Stevie Wonder Overjoyed
Kinan Azmeh / Raaf Hekkema Airports for Reed Quintet
Moondog New Amsterdam