Calefax & Matthew Barley

Calefax &
Matthew Barley

The adventurous English cellist Matthew Barley is Calefax’s ideal ‘partner in crime’.

Matthew Barley is a master cellist who feels equally at home performing Renaissance or Romantic repertoire or contemporary electronic music. Barley: ‘Playing with Calefax is a dream come true – the opportunity to perform Walton’s cello concerto, one of the great works of the repertoire, in a chamber music setting.’ It is Calefax’s first collaboration with a cellist and the ensemble is keen to exploit the enormous range of this noble instrument in the diverse works on the programme.

Calefax & Matthew Barley


William Walton Cello Concerto
Graham Fitkin Tracking Yesterday’s England
Henry Purcell and Christopher Tye Consort Music
Antonín Dvořák Serenade voor blazers (deel 1) 
Joost Buis The Swimmer

Past concerts

Sat 22 Sep '18 20.15 Calefax & Matthew Barley Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ Amsterdam / NL
Sun 30 Sep '18 14.30 Calefax & Matthew Barley De Doelen Rotterdam / NL
Wed 17 Oct '18 20.00 Calefax & Matthew Barley TivoliVredenburg Utrecht / NL
Fri 19 Oct '18 20.15 Calefax & Matthew Barley Concertgebouw De Vereeniging Nijmegen / NL
Sat 20 Oct '18 20.15 Calefax & Matthew Barley Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden / NL
Sat 2 Nov '19 19.30 Calefax & Matthew Barley Soundfestival Scotland Aberdeen / SC
Tue 12 Nov '19 19.00 Calefax & Matthew Barley St. John's Church (Wimbledon International Music Festival) London / EN