with a.o. Davies, Reich, Volans & Nas

This programme consists mainly of works by extremely gifted female composers. This minimalistic flavoured programme contains among others Carola Baukholts’ Zugvögel and The Beginning of the World by Tansy Davies, the Concertgebouw composer in residence.

Nas, Reich & Garrop
Calefax plays the dynamic trio Entrez! by the ‘componist des vaderlands’ Mayke Nas. This works beautifully alongside Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint, one of his most famous works. Reich illustrates the city live of Manhattan. Filled with doppler-like sound effects of passing traffic. Calefax also plays the première of a new work by the American Stacy Garrop. This self-named storyteller won the prestigious Barlow Prize, that existed out of a piece for reed quintet.


Mayke Nas Entrez!
Stacy Garrop Nieuw werk
Kevin Volans Calefacción
Carola Bauckholt Zugvögel
Tansy Davies The Beginning of the World
Steve Reich New York Counterpoint
Calliope Tsoupaki Interface