Europe: a century ago

a century ago

March and April 2021

Calefax plays a musical portrait of Europe in the ‘10s, ‘20s and ‘30s.

The beginning of the twentieth century saw many major and rapid changes. The industrial revolution had left its mark on Western-European society. The middle class flourished and gained influence in politics, arts and culture. Travelling became easier and cultures began to affect each other worldwide. The first colonies became independent, resulting in political shifts that were the roots of the first World War. The arts had their own revolutions: figurative art was discarded as was tonality in classical music. How did a composer uphold himself in these turbulent times?


Claude Debussy Rapsodie
Anton Webern Variationen Op. 27
Kurt Weill Dreigroschensuite
Leoš Janáček In the mists
Sigfrid Karg-Elert A Cycle of Eight Short Pieces Op. 154
Willem Pijper 2 Sonatines

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