love actually


Calefax showcases love in her many guises, set to music by various composers.

As diverse as love is, so is its representation in music. Bach’s farewell music for the departure of his beloved brother; Debussy’s love for his late wife Emma Bardac, sublimated into an ode to the island Jersey where they spend time together; Janáčeks musical story Kreutzersonate, about a crime of passion.

The passion of the Spanish Enrique Granados is not only reflected in his music; he died trying to save his wife from drowning. Willem Jeths, former Composer Laureate of the Netherlands, previously composed Maktub for Calefax, which became one of the most played pieces of Calefax. He accepted the commission to compose for this program with great enthusiasm: ‘the themes love and death suit me.’


Leoš Janáček Kreutzersonate
Johann Sebastian Bach Capriccio ‘Auf die Abreise seinen geliebtesten Bruders’
Enrique Granados Goyescas
Claude Debussy l’Isle joyeuse
New composition van Willem Jeths

Past concerts

Sun 10 Oct '21 11.30 love actually Stadsgehoorzaal Leiden / NL
Sat 23 Oct '21 20.15 love actually Jisper Kerk Jisp / NL
Fri 12 Nov '21 20.15 love actually Seinconcerten Hilversum / NL
Sun 23 Jan '22 15.00 love actually Kolonieconcerten Wilhelminaoord / NL
Thu 26 May '22 20.15 love actually Geannuleerd - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ Amsterdam / NL