Open your Ears! (8+)

Presented by Dieuwertje Blok

The five Calefax musicians did something very special; they discovered their own music genre, the reed quintet. For more than 30 years they play in the unusual formation of oboe, saxophone, bassoon, clarinet and bass clarinet. In the beginning there barely existed any music written for this formation, but nowadays a lot of composers wrote music especially for them. During this afternoon you hear how beautiful the instruments sound together and what it is like for the woodwind players to perform together.

Open your Ears!
Open your Ears! is an acquaintance with the very best musicians and a discovery why they love music so much. They let you experience the beauty of their music. And tell you the secrets of their instruments and their own musical journey. Presenter Dieuwertje Blok asks them everything. Open your Ears! is the perfect concert introduction for kids from 8 years old.

Past concerts

Sun 4 Nov '18 15.00 Open your Ears! (8+) Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ Amsterdam / NL