Romantic Kaleidoscope


You may think of a kaleidoscope in the context of colour rather than sound. However, this time we are highlighting timbres: immerse yourself in a wide spectrum of passionate, yearning, saturated, intense and poignant colours.

Among others, Willem Jeths’s measured and serene work Maktub, performed alongside multihued compositions by the romantics Mendelssohn, Schumann and Scriabin.

Programme a.o.

Robert Schumann – Waldszenen
Felix Mendelssohn –  De Hebriden
Willem Jeths – Maktub
Alexander Scriabin –  Etudes

Past concerts

Sun 19 Nov '17 11.30 Romantic Kaleidoscope Theater de Veste Delft / NL
Fri 8 Dec '17 20.15 Romantic Kaleidoscope De Doelen Rotterdam / NL
Sun 21 Jan '18 16.00 Romantic Kaleidoscope Nieuwe Kerk Den Haag / NL