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Ivar Berix: Mohammad Motamedi - Lullaby

The Calefax musicians enhanced a new video collection with a personal touch.

Ivar Berix, clarinet
Mohammad Motamedi – Lullaby

Ivar: “Prior to this performance I read out the meaning of the (self written) words the Iranian singer Mohammad Motamedi is singing here. You will find the text below. It is a lullaby, but not just a simple one. The text is about the huge contrast between the loving, protecting embrace of a small child and the fear, coldness and threat of the world. In this performance by Mohammad you can be touched by the deep pain caused by this.

Later Mohammad visited my house, together with his loving wife Aisan and their little son Farbod. (During this concert Aisan was pregnant of Farbod!). In my living romee, Mohammad played the Iran ney (reed flute) almost as touching as his singing skills, while Farbod was crawling through my living room, looking for his toys. Having tea, we talked about music and family. A special afternoon; I felt extra welcome in my own house because of the relaxed and warm presence of these special and warm people.

It was a special project anyway. Like a world star, Mohammad arrived at rehearsals stylish half an hour late, followed by his fans, making videos. Something you need to do when you have 376.000 followers on Instagram.”

My darling, kindness is like a dream for us
Happiness is like an impossible thing darling
Your heart is from pure glass and others all have hearts like a stone
Be careful not to be broken because you are way too small darling

People have become dark and bad
And the fire of love has extinguished in their hearts
There came a disaster, an unexpected disaster darling
The springs are springs of tear
Jungles are dark and cold
There is no sign of green on our ground anymore
There is even not one mirror on ourselves

I am dying of loneliness
Of having no one speaking my language
And understanding my heart.