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Jelte Althuis: Rameau - Les Boréades

The Calefax musicians enhanced a new video collection with a personal touch. This collection of existing as well as brand new clips of Concert Registrations and Tour Impressions offers a unique way to explore Calefax’s history of no less than 35 years.

Rameau – Les Boréades by Jelte Althuis, bass clarinet

Jelte: “Jean-Philippe Rameau is a brilliant composer, I will never stop saying this!

The choices when colouring his scores are daring and he turns every tune into a party. Calefax plays his music for already many years, but at first it were only the works for harpsichord. Les Boréades was written for choir, orchestra and a number of vocal soloists.

In this suite I use the instrumental movements originally used as pre- and interludes during stage changes. My choice was determined by the available sheet music and I remember the help I got from a friend who had connections at a leading musical archive. The joy I felt when she found the ‘Entrée de Polymnie’! I made a transcription from orchestra to reed quintet and in 2011 the choreographer Keith Randolph translated the sound into movement. Together this became an unforgettable project with the dance department of the Codarts in Rotterdam.”