Debussy: pioneer, esthete, troublemaker

Debussy: pioneer,
esthete, troublemaker

A turbulent life and a stubborn character: learn more about the life of one of Europe's most famous composers

Even though Claude Debussy (1862-1918) did not grow up in a musical family, it showed from a young age he possessed an exceptional musical talent. His extreme intelligence and stubborn character can be heard in his compositions, which continue to exert their influence to this day.

Debussy had a love-hate relationship with the music of Wagner and Fauré, was lyrical about old masters like Di Lasso and Palestrina, and had a significant influence on Ravel.

As a writer under the pseudonym Monsieur Croche, he was feared, and in his letters he revealed himself to be sharp, articulate, and candid; meanwhile, his love life involved fatal relationships and secret lovers. During the concert, Calefax will recite texts by Debussy, providing insight into his contrarian and turbulent life.


Music by a.o.

Claude Debussy
Gabriel Fauré
Maurice Ravel
Steven Kamperman
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina

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