Enjoy Calefax at home

Enjoy Calefax
at home

Welcome on this new platform ‘Enjoy Calefax at home’! While we are currently unable to perform at live concerts we do want to offer you new ways to enjoy our music online.

This platform consists of three sections: let us take you by the hand, live streams and Spotify playlist.

Let us take you by the hand

A new video collection, enhanced with a personal touch by the Calefax musicians. This collection of existing as well as brand new clips of Concert Registrations and Tour Impressions offers a unique way to explore Calefax’s history of no less than 35 years. A new dimension to your experience is added by anecdotes, personal remarks and explanations on the creation of projects and arrangements.

Live streams

The past months we streamed several concerts of our archive. The Calefax musicians gave answers and provided background information on the concerts in the live chat.

Sun 5 Apr, 9.30 PM CET | live stream solo concert by Raaf Hekkema
Vr 17 apr, 8 PM CET | Un Momento Dado (2020) with the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy. Composition by Johan de Meij.
Sat 9 May, 8 pm CET | The Roaring Twenties (2013) with Cora Burggraaf (mezzo)
Sun 31 May, 8 pm CET | Dido & Aeneazz (2019) with Eric Vloeimans (Trumpet), Jasper van Hulten (Drums) en Gulli Gudmundson (Double Bass)

Spotify playlist

In March 2020 we had to accept and digest the cancellation of an extensive US tour, soon to be followed by a series of concerts in The Netherlands and a three week tour to New Zealand. The concert programmes of these tours have now found their way into the playlist ‘Enjoy Calefax at Home’.


If you are willing and able to support Calefax financially in these challenging times: one-off donations are very much appreciated. You can donate via iDEAL by clicking on the button below, or by transferring directly to IBAN NL13 INGB 0007099798 (for Stichting Calefax). Donations like yours allow us to continue our work during this Corona crisis, and to enrich and revitalise the musical landscape. Thank you!