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Alban Wesly: Johan de Meij - Un Momento Dado

The Calefax musicians enhanced a new video collection with a personal touch. This collection of existing as well as brand new clips of Concert Registrations and Tour Impressions offers a unique way to explore Calefax’s history of no less than 35 years.

Alban Wesly, bassoon
Johan de Meij – Un Momento Dado

Alban: “In January 2020 we enjoyed the much-anticipated collaboration with renowned Dutch composer Johan de Meij. Together with the Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy, Calefax premiered a new work by De Meij, Un Momento Dado, an ode to another Dutch phenomenon, the legendary soccer player Johan Cruijff.

When we approached De Meij in 2017, we coincidentally discovered to share an admiration for a fellow Dutchman from Amsterdam: the legendary soccer player Johan Cruijff. The association with Johan Cruijff proved to be fruitful. Cruijff, says De Meij, is known for his virtuosity, creativity, capriciousness and radical innovation. “I also observe these qualities in Calefax, a group that has created an entirely new chamber music genre with its unique instrumental line- up.”

In this amazing new work, De Meij uses a Leitmotiv comprising the notes C-A-E-F-A: the actual notes that appear in the name CALEFAX. In its pure form this motif is first heard when the reed quintet makes its initial appearance, introduced by the oboe. What follows is a succession of inspiring musical ideas with richly expressive color combinations. In this context, De Meij creates striking moments when he connects one of Calefax’s instruments to a group from the wind orchestra; a dreamy passage for saxophonist Raaf Hekkema together with the saxophone section, and oboist Oliver Boekhoorn combined with the wind orchestra’s double reed instruments. The C-A-E-F-A motif returns in various forms and shapes, before sprinting to a triumphant conclusion in a virtuosic cascade of sounds. What I find a lovely thought that comes with this Leitmotiv is that all future groups who will perform this piece will all be playing ‘CALEFAX’ on their instruments, citing the name of the founders of the Reed Quintet!”